Order of priority

In Swiss bankruptcy law the following order of priority applies:

  • Debts secured by collateral have priority over other debts with respect to the proceeds of the liquidation of the collateral.
  • The rest of the debts are divided into three classes:
    • Class 1
      • salary claims of employees before the bankruptcy ruling
      • claims resulting out of obligatory accident insurance
      • claims resulting out of non-obligatory pension plans
      • claims of pension funds for premiums against employers
      • alimony claims of dependants and partners
    • Class 2
      • certain claims of marital partners
      • premiums for social security insurance
      • premiums for accident insurance
      • premiums for unemployment benefits insurance
      • premiums and contributions to health insurance
      • contributions to family burdens equalization fund
    • Class 3
      • all other debts
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