Inventory and Lists

Inventory of assets

In the inventory of assets all assets of the debtor are included regardless of where they are located (within or outside of Switzerland) or who has possession (the debtor or a third party).

Any person laying claim of ownership of inventoried items may demand the release of such items. Proof of ownership is necessary and such claims can be contested by the debtor or creditors.

List of secured debts

In the list of debts secured by collateral, the claims filed are listed in order of priority.

For real estate the order of priority is determined by the entries in the land register, where first mortgages, easements etc. take precedence over second mortgages, easements etc. Usually but not necessarily the order of priority is determined by age, where the older rights take precedence over the newer ones.

For pawned goods (not real estate) the order of priority of the secured debts is determined by the time of the pledge, where the older pledge takes priority over any consecutive pledges.

The creditors and the debtor have the right to contest the list and the position of priority of other creditors on the list.

Schedule of claims

In the schedule of claims, all claims filed with the trustee are listed. The claims are listed regardless of merit. Claims not approved by the trustee are flagged accordingly.

Creditors and the debtor can initiate legal action to contest any claims listed or approval thereof.

Distribution List

The distribution list contains all claims that are recognized and have not been contested or have won legal action against their listing. The sum recognized or undisputed is listed.

The claims are listed in order of priority. The debts secured by collateral are listed first. Following are three classes of claims. All members of a class are treated equally, i.e. they all receive the same percentage. Provided there is more than enough money to satisfy all the claims of one class, the remainder is allocated to the following class.

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